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     Monarca       Spanish Academy

Immersive Spanish preschool for children aged two to six

Our Mission

At Monarca Spanish Academy, we aim to nurture bilingual leaders who embody self-esteem, respect, and academic excellence, empowering them to thrive in a diverse world.


Why Choose Monarca Spanish Academy?

Academic based curriculum

Integrated Curriculum

Monarca Spanish Academy integrates various educational philosophies and methodologies, such as Montessori, play-based learning and STEM-based learning, to provide a comprehensive and well-rounded education. 

Spanish language immersion

Bilingual Proficiency

Monarca Spanish Academy specializes in Spanish immersion education, offering children the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish from a young age. 

Multicultural awareness

Multicultural Awareness

Our curriculum emphasizes multicultural understanding, fostering an appreciation for diverse cultures and traditions. This exposure helps children develop empathy, respect, and a global perspective, preparing them to thrive in an increasingly diverse society.

Spanish Language Immersion

At Monarca Spanish Academy, our Spanish immersion program, combined with play-based learning, offers an exceptional foundation for kindergarten readiness.


Through interactive activities, imaginative play, and hands-on exploration, children not only acquire Spanish language proficiency but also develop essential cognitive, social, and emotional skills necessary for success in kindergarten.

What Parents Are Saying

"Monarca is a wonderful combination of a loving environment for children with a play-oriented approach to learning, all while children learn Spanish alongside basic literacy and numeracy. We especially appreciate a number of teachers our child has gotten to know and love here, and the thoughtful approach to hiring teachers who love children and have a patient and kind demeanor. We have had nannies and been at other childcare facilities and I recommend Monarca as the best option we've experienced."

Viviana's Dad

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